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Founded in 1989 and with two subsidiaries, Sichuan Meishan Shanbao machinery mould co., ltd is one large and professional feed machinery spare parts manufacturer with integration of production, sales and service.The headquarter is located at the new zone of Meishan industrial park Sichuan province ,China.

With the support of strong technical force, excellent equipment, complete testing instruments, and many years of practical experience and scientific research, so we can manufacture a series of parts and accessories for feed machinery use, including ring dies, flat dies,roller assembly, screw-head, screen-mesh,hammer, striking hammer-head, gear ring and so on, which are of application in feed industry, etc.

The key process of production is automated by using international advanced multi-station CNC gun drilling technology and vacuum heat treatment technology in 2001 and the company also expanded another new production line in 2012, which makes all process of production automated from drilling, pressure-reducing, chamfering. The company has 21 sets of four-axis CNC gun-drilling machine tools that equipped with large vertical vacuum furnace for quenching. Our fine products with good features, like good wearing resistance,highdegree of finishing,high cost performance.

The productivity of pellet feed by our ring die is up to 40 million tons per year.

In Dec. 2002, the company was awarded the certificate of ISO 9001:2008 that issued by China quality certification center. In Apr. 2003, the company acquired the licence of import and export qualification . 

Our customer contains: Charoen Pokphand Group(CP), CJ Group(Korea), Purina Feed(USA),Tongwei Group,DaChan Food, Uni-President China, New-hope Liuhe Group and Sichuan Tequ Group, Te Qi Li Shi Group, Hunan TRS Group,Hunan Jiuding Group, Da Bei Nong Group, Huan Shan Group,Guangdong evergreen Group, CHIA TAI CONTI GROUP,, Guangdong Chia Tai Conti Group,Guangxi Rui Kang Group , Guangxi Liyuan Group, Fujian Huagang group and etc.

The company established the quality policies of customer satisfaction, integrity operation, first-class quality, technological innovation. and the essence of enterprise culture of "being realistic and dedicated", the concept "working with customers to make granules" was  integrated into the production and service.

We also established service network covering the whole country, aim to provide better products and services for the majority of users.

Services outlets: Northeast office, Shandong office, Henan office, East China office, Hunan office, Guangdong office.


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Shanbao Company has established the quality policy of “Customer Satisfaction, Integrity Management, Innovation and Development”, and integrates the essence of “practical and risky” corporate culture, embodying the spirit of “joining and granulating with customers” in production and service.


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